I want to share our amazing story with the world.
A young woman lived in St. Petersburg, she was divorced, raised two sons, ran a company – it was me. Six years ago she met her love and a new, joyful, happy life began – the one all women dream about. Meeting Andrei was the best that could have happened in her life (as she though). Year after a year we enjoyed each other's company, traveled a lot, and enjoyed preparing delicious food for each other (our hobby).

A couple of years ago, Andrei gave a hint that he would like to have a child. I was afraid to even think about it, because I was already 47 years old.

But life was throwing hints at us, unexpected conversations, random encounters. And so, a year ago, fate brought us together with Dr. Feoktistov. In individual conversations, he convinced me that I can try surrogate motherhood.

He sent us for consultation at the company ISA LLC (the only recommended one). From the first meeting (Natalia met us), they dispelled all my doubts. And we made a decision! Very promptly, we were sent the questionnaires of the surrogate candidates. We decided on the candidate and set deadlines. The transfer was successful and Natasha congratulated us on twins. What was our surprise when, after a month, Natasha called and said that the twins were divided into triplets !!! It was a rejoicing! We could not even imagine such turn of events. Then there was a period when the doctors scared us and offered to make a reduction, to remove two, leaving one. We could not agree with this. And here, thanks to heaven, we fully felt how great it is that we are together with ISA. They accompanied our surrogates on doctors in St. Petersburg, flew and lived with her in Moscow. Together with them, we defended our triplets! They surrounded our surrogate with care, regularly gave us information about how she lives and feels, how our little ones are doing. And now, we become happy parents of triplets: Twins girls and a boy! Born big, healthy! Now they are 7 months old!

Our sincere thanks to the whole team of ISA LLC, personally Natalia Kacheeva!

Anyone who dreams of children: trust this team of professionals and the happiness of being parents is waiting for you in the future!
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ISA ist die Agentur, die von Experten im Bereich der Leihmutterschaft gegründet wurde, und die das Prinzip des individuellen Eingehens auf jede Familie ausübt, sowie einen völlig transparenten Service anbietet.

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