Gestational surrogacy legislation in Russia

Gestational Surrogacy in Russia is absolutely legal for all individuals. All matters are clearly regulated by Federal Laws and orders of Ministry of Health. Mentioned regulations oblige departments of ZAGS (birth registry office) to issue a birth certificate with genetic parents mentioned as mother/father of the baby, regardless of marital status, citizenship, or sexual orientation.

ZAGS issues a birth certificate within 40 minutes, meaning on the day of application, considering all the documents are submitted accordingly. Submission can be made the next day after the child is born, as the maternity hospitals in the Russian Federation transfer all medical documents on the child immediately after he/she is born (and also give you all the necessary information on child care). Our employees will begin to prepare all the necessary documents at the 32nd week of pregnancy of the Surrogate, will provide full informational and legal support, as well as accompany you to the registry office. You will receive a proper birth certificate while still at the maternity hospital.

If you are not married, the procedure of obtaining the birth certificate will be the same, with only one exception – you will have to apply for a court decision. Our employees have more than 12 years of experience in obtaining birth certificates through litigation, which guarantees to allow you to get the appropriate decision in no more than 1-2 weeks.
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