Registration of the baby

Registration of a child born in a gestational surrogacy program is clearly regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Acts of Civil Status". The procedure completely repeats the registration of a child born naturally, except for the set of documents for submission. Employees of our company in the shortest time will take all the necessary steps to obtain a birth certificate for your child, as well as escort you to the registry office.

After receiving the documents in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, for foreign citizens it will also be necessary to obtain a passport / exit visa / travel document for the child, depending on the citizenship of the parents. To obtain these documents, it is necessary to interact with the consulate of the respective country, as well as with the federal migration service of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that the consulate of each country has its own rules and particularities of appeal, which requires knowledge of the details of the process. ISA has 12 years of experience in assisting new parents in their intent to go back to their homeland with a newborn and we will be happy to give you all the support you need on this issue.

One of the most frequently asked questions - how long should we stay in Russia to get all necessary documents for the baby?

The Russian side promptly considers all issues related to children and their rights, this also applies to birth certificates and exit visas. However, due to peculiarities of approach of consulates of different countries, the terms vary depending on the citizenship of the parents. On average, the required period of stay will be:

from 1-6 weeks if the marriage is registered;

from 3-8 weeks, if parents are not married (or single).

During your stay in Russia, we will do our best to make your visit as comfortable as possible. For these purposes, we created the "Happy parents" club and also prepared a special offer on your stay in St. Petersburg.
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