I could finally meet my baby, thank you for all this!
The continuation of life is the common nature of mankind. The emphasis on family values is an important feature of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. As you get older, your desire to have your own child grows stronger. Due to physical reasons, I can't give birth to baby through normal channels.

After comparing in many aspects, I finally decided to do surrogate in St. Petersburg to have my own children, and chose Ava-Peter as IVF clinic and ISA LLC. as the surrogate company. Then, I flew directly to St. Petersburg in April 2018. After finishing the egg selection in the hospital, I went to ISA LLC. to discuss the surrogacy contract. The contract was relatively clear, and the relevant responsibilities and payment installment were clearly defined. All the parties have protection of their rights and interests. In this way, the first step of the project is completed in about three days, and I can go back home and wait for the coming news.

Soon, at the end of April, there was good news from the company. After undergoing a series of procedures such as ivf, embryo screening, surrogate examination, transplantation, etc., the surrogate mother has confirmed pregnancy! The moment I received the news, I was really exciting! The follow-up is that the surrogate company will send the report of the surrogate mother every time she goes to the hospital. It is very happy to know that both the mother and the child are going well. At the same time, the company will send all the details of expense in the hospital for my reference and approval.

In a blink of an eye, the time is up to the end of the year, and the baby don't want to wait more time and come to see us in advance. I rushed to St. Petersburg with my parents to meet the baby. Upon arrival, the company began to handle a series of legal procedures, fair, court, until finally obtained the country's legal birth certificate, it can be said that the father-child relationship between me and the child was truly legally determined. Next, I can go to the embassy to apply for a travel permit and prepare to return to the country for reunion. Looking back at the whole process, the company was able to deliver information in a timely manner, the charges were reasonably and clear, and the legal procedures were timely and effective, so that I could finally meet my baby smoothly, thank you for all this!
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