If you're reading this, it means that despair has crept into your soul. We understand how you feel reproaching yourself for envious looks at moms walking with strollers. We know how your heart aches and a lump comes to your throat when you see photos of families with newborn babies.

We are sure that you can have it like this! We know how to achieve this!

So, the main step on the way to your parental happiness will be the exact choice of an agency that has all the listed resources. Realizing how important it is to choose the right agency, we took very seriously the preparation of this check list.
How to choose a right surrogacy agency
A full package of services
Check if the company provides a full package of services: from the selection of
a surrogate mother to the client`s receiving all documents for the newborn,
including legal support at all steps.
Make sure that everything can be done in one company: that you don't have to
look for separate doctors, lawyers, and control everything yourself.

ISA is a full-cycle agency which provides all necessary services for the safe
birth of your child and obtaining all relevant documents to register a child and
travel to the country of residence.
The reliability of the clinic
Find out what medical clinics the agency cooperates with. Do these clinics have
a good reputation among professionals and according to customer reviews.

ISA agency's partner clinic is AVA Peter clinic - the oldest ART Clinic with more
than 25 years' experience in the field of IVF treatment. AVA Peter possesses
the strongest medical team with a vary international experience. The best
fertility experts, embryologists, genetics, and psychologists have already
helped more than 17 000 babies to be born via IVF treatment and only in 2019,
there were 35 babies born via surrogacy program.
Feedback from parents
Is there any way to talk to someone who already has experience with this

We have got clients from 18 countries and we would be happy to provide their
feedback and help to connect with the clients who would like to share their
experience with us.
Full legal assistance
You should learn what does the company provide as legal services. Can they
take over the full range of related services?

ISA Law department is represented by professionals in International Family
Law, who provide full legal support throughout the entire process and have
great experience in working with surrogacy issues.
A surrogate mother waiting list
Carefully specify how long will it take to wait for a surrogate.

ISA has got no waiting list! We are the only agency throughout Russia and CIS
countries with immediate program start service. Thanks to our large surrogates database, you can start the program immediately. We guarantee to match a
surrogate within 1 month.
Agency`s selection of surrogates
Be sure to detail how does the agency select surrogate mothers. Do they have
developed protocols for this.

All surrogate candidates pass double medical and physical control by top-
quality doctors and unscheduled nicotine and alcohol tests to appear in the ISA
surrogate mothers database. The selection process is regulated by the order of
the Ministry of Health of Russia.
Consideration of special requests
Find out if the agency's specialists are ready to take into account the client's
special criteria and wishes when selecting a surrogate mother.

Agency ISA provides a surrogate candidate's portfolio according to the client's
demands. The portfolios will be provided until the client is satisfied with the
surrogate candidate.
Agency`s medical control
Check if the managers of the agency strictly control the medical part of the

ISA coordinators are always in touch with the clinic staff and get the results of
medical examinations, ultrasounds, tests, screenings on the same day and
forward them to clients.
Transparency of medical part
Clear out how you`ll be informed about the course of pregnancy.

ISA`s clients are fully informed about all the medical processes and medical
test results. All the scans or photos of the medical tests, ultrasounds,
screenings are sent to the client with the full translation into the appropriate
Individual support
Make sure that the agency's specialists are ready to provide individual support
and service.

ISA coordinators are in touch with clients and surrogate mothers in 24/7 regime
and are always happy to provide up-to-date information about surrogate and
answer any questions.
Service in your native language
Check that the agency can organize the necessary support in your native
language or fluent English.

ISA coordinators speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.
Honesty about the potential risks
Ensure that there is a total transparency about the risks of pregnancy and

ISA Agency handles almost all the risks that may occur during the pregnancy.
There are only 4 potential risks that the client shares with the agency and they
are set out in the Contract and are always discussed in details with a client
before signing.
Financial transparency
Confirm that you clearly understand all the payments and their timing.

ISA sets out the payment schedule in a very detailed way in the Contract.
Surrogate – client interaction
Ask to explain in detail how is the contact between surrogate mother and
customer organized in the agency.

In ISA the communication between surrogate mother and customer is via a
personal coordinator who passes on up-to-date information about the
ultrasounds, doctor's visits and surrogate mother's life during the whole
pregnancy and translates it into the appropriate language.
Thanks for reading this checklist! I hope it was informative for you!
We would like to offer you a FREE online consultation with our leading fertility specialist Dr. Diana Obidniak! Please contact us to arrange a consultation!

Thanks for reading this checklist! I hope it was informative for you!
We would like to offer you a FREE online consultation with our leading fertility specialist Dr. Diana Obidniak! Please contact us to arrange a consultation!